Never run a broken link again

  • Effortless link check

    Check advertising campaigns for free using virtual devices and see the entire chain in one place, from start to landing page.

  • Instant campaign insights

    Insights into re-directs, click hijacking, pop-ups and information on each competitor running the same campaign.

  • Fix your performance

    Get warnings explaining every issue breaking your campaign. So you know exactly what's happening and who's doing it.

  • Warnings

    Get warnings about pop-ups, click hijacking, incorrect & missing landing pages and unreplaced macros.

  • Network Info

    Pull information on the networks running the same campaign and get all the landing page details.

  • Validation Checks

    Full display of every step in the campaigns journey to the landing page and if there is a break in your link.

  • Virtual Devices

    Virtual devices to check a campaign, emulating the origin country and operating system devices.

  • Scheduled Checks

    Re-run validations with the timespan you want, so you can quickly see when something changes in your campaign

  • Integrations

    Fully integrate with external tracking systems to pull campaigns that need to be validated.

Plans made to grow with you

All plans include: unlimited manual checks, high level targetting, app & network information, validation checks, redirect information, virtual devices emulation, extensive warnings, share url checks, screenshots, history & filtering, free integration.

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