Terms & Conditions


Adnovation Barcelona S.L., a private company with limited liability with its corporate seat in Barcelona and its offices in c/ Sardenya 229, 4th floor, 08013 Barcelona, Spain,

(“Adnovation”); and

Users of the AdCheck web application, called AdCheck (the “Software”), by registered and unregistered users (“User”)


Adnovation has developed sophisticated software to track the functionality of digital advertising campaigns. Parties wish to come to an agreement of the usage of the Software, whereby User grants access to their mobile advertising campaigns via the Software. By doing so, User’s mobile advertising campaigns are verified and checked for broken links by the Software. User can decide to integrate the Software into their tracking software or login to the Software and keep track of the verified campaigns.

Principal license terms

In due course, parties shall negotiate full license terms for the use of the software, based on the following principles:

  • User acknowledges that Adnovation has sole proprietary rights to the Software.
  • User may use the Software for itself and for the benefit of its customers. This right also includes the right to build custom dashboards on top of the Software and Adnovation shall grant User API access for that purpose, as well as reasonable support.
  • All intellectual property on the Software (and products emanating therefrom) shall remain with Adnovation.
  • Ownership of personal data shall not transfer as a result of the license. User shall, under the terms of a data processing agreement compliant with applicable laws, allow Adnovation to process personal data for the purpose of providing and improving its services under the license.
  • The license shall apply indefinitely. Each party may terminate upon 30 days’ written notice or with immediate effect for cause (default, insolvency, etc.).
  • The license agreement shall contain customary provisions on updates and upgrades, billing, the limitation of liability, ownership of intellectual property, privacy protection, confidentiality, default termination rights, no assignment, insurance, electronic signatures, compliance with applicable laws.
Full legal documentation

These terms reflects the principle agreement of the parties with respect to the license agreement and parties. All other terms of these terms and additional term sheets are intended as legally binding obligations.


No party shall disclose the existence or content of this agreement to any third party (including employees, free-lancers, consultants and advisors).

Governing law

Dutch law governs this term sheet and shall govern the license.


Any dispute shall be submitted to the courts in Amsterdam (and not to any other venue). The party losing the court case shall bear all costs, including legal fees, of the other party.